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—— Welcome to Bragi Brasserie

The Legend has Begun in Antalya!

Setting off with the belief of “each season a new beginning and each new beginning new happinesses”, Bragi Brasserie hosts warm meetings and pleasant times with its menu and its comfortable decoration each square of which will make you feel the warmth of family. Odinn Gastro awaits you with its tastes prepared with the fresh products of the season and creating flavor addiction!

Bragi Brasserie


Phone: +90 (242) 2295871

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—— You Cannot Forget Its Taste

Outstanding Dishes

  • bragi-one-cikan-5
    Surf & Turf
    Beef fillet steak over creamy potatoes, shrimps, seasonal vegetables, Hollandaise sauce.
  • bragi-one-cikan-1
    T-Bone Steak
    Dami-glaze sauce, creamy frech fries, seasonal vegetables
  • bragi-one-cikan-3
    Plate "Valhalla"
    Strawberry, banana, crispy biscuits, hot chocolate, vanilla ice cream, Pishmaniye
  • bragi-one-cikan-6
    Hong Kong Chicken
    Noodles with vegetables, chicken pieces marinated in "Asya" sauce
  • bragi-one-cikan-4
    Set of Snacks Valhala
    Sausages, mitiei cutlets, Cajun chicken, mozzarella cheese sticks, falafel, "cheburek" (deep-fried turnover with a filling of ground or minced meat and onions), onion rings, potato and special Bragi sauces.
Bragi Brasserie

—— Introductory

Bragi Brasserie

The Legend has Begun in Antalya!

Blending the world cuisine with the traditional motifs, Bragi Brasserie invites you to share a perfect flavor experience.

—— Comments

What do our customers say?

Sabri Çakır — “A perfect place you can go to with your family and friends, your mind at peace. Prices are affordable; the personnel were rather attentive, and we were satisfied with their smiling attitude. Hygiene and Quality are at the utmost level.”
Gizem Öztürk — “I’ve come here for the first time today. It’s nice in terms of quality. Their meat is delicious. I liked its hamburger. Its meatballs and sauces are delicious, too. It’s a stylish venue I can prefer again. The waiters are good and smiling.”
Mert Çınar — “One of the best quality venues of Beach Park in terms of menu, service, and flavor. The service speed and the attention are rather good. This is one of those rare venues I leave satisfied every time we come.”

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